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Nature Villa, new bungalow project at Lonavala with ultra modern amenties. It is coming up at Lanavala on amazing location gives woderful nature view. The bungalow is just a dream of a second home habitation and experience the nature of Lanavala, greenery world, feeling of fresh air will help you you to avail this location.

Nature Villa is When it comes to luxurious living, NaturesVilla is everything money can't buy in a congested city - natural landscapes, breathtaking views and a delicious sense of calm. Nestled in Lonavala Valley, this coveted address houses contemporary styled hillside residences at a plot size of 2850 sq.ft. and useable area of 4300 sqft, each combining minimalist interiors with fluid open spaces that translate to a very real feeling of freedom.

Architecturally distinct from its surroundings, NaturesVilla engages with nature, design and functionality. Built on a very attractive location  it takes advantage of it's amphitheatric position to enhance a strong indoor/outdoor relationship and frame beautifully the wide views of Karla Mountain Valley.

The results are airy, light-washed residences that seem barely tethered to the ground, a blissful image for those seeking a private haven away from the bustle of the city. Blame it on the modern open plan design, the sculpted greens, romantic water bodies or the innovative touches and fluid arrangement that are a happy treatment to a truly international way of life.

Escape the city and enter a lush space where concrete skylines are replaced with your very own private farmhouse views of spectacular hillscapes and waterfalls.

Modular Kitchen :

Sleek Brand ,
Washroom fittings,
Queens Brand from Jaguar,
Electrical Fittings - Roma,
Private landscape garden with sit outs,
Rooftop sitting area,
Ample private parking space,
Servant & driver quarter,
Jacuzzi with deck area,
24 hour security cum caretaker,
CCtv camera vigilance,
Secured compound wall,
playing area for kids with swings,
Environment school - UTTARA within society,

Bungalow Configuration :

  • Location             : Indrayani Society, Plot No.
    Distance             :
    8, 2 min from Wax museum, Village Waksai, lonavala.
  •  Type                    : 3BHK (G+1),
  • Area Plot Size    : Plot size - 2800 sq ft, Built Up - 2500 sq ft, Usable  - 4200 sq ft.
    Price per unit      :On Request
  • Contact Us          : +91 8793633023
  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mNYG2x_NOQk/UJ04Qb3nrwI/AAAAAAAAAWw/QFkLbkdf32Y/s1600/bung+floor.jpg


  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-kv2aoUMYASE/UJ03_OrjzuI/AAAAAAAAAWg/Jtzs13q6uJ0/s640/project+2+-+roof+plan+copy.jpg






  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GdX0et0Ew3M/UJ04FMp2WEI/AAAAAAAAAWo/yE-QCWxuEz4/s1600/project+2+-Front+elevation.jpg
  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PArouKQsGG0/UJ01i7Ofb1I/AAAAAAAAAVg/FsENQyxgdnY/s1600/bungalo.jpg


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